Goulding’s Wholesale Limited, located in Gambo, Newfoundland has come a long way since they first opened in 1953 as a family-run bakery. The company was started by Gordon Goulding and is now owned and operated by his three sons: Melvin, Gerald and Howard.

Click the photo above to view an episode of CBC NL’s Land and Sea titled “Bread & Bicycle” where they discuss the history and legacy of the early days of Goulding’s family and bakery in the Gambo region.

Watch the video clip below of Gouldings Wholesale Ltd. receiving the ITWAL’s “Regional Retail Distributor for 2020” award.

The company switched its focus to wholesale in 1956 and has been providing a variety of quality products to retail outlets across Newfoundland ever since.

Over the years, Goulding’s Wholesale Limited has expanded to include West Tower Bakery in 1983, also based out of Gambo, and Chatman’s Bakery, based out of Charlottetown, Newfoundland which was purchased in 2014.

Goulding’s Wholesale Limited provides a distribution system for a wide selection of product lines from such producers as Coca-Cola, Central Dairies, Old Dutch, Smith Snacks, and many additional confectionary items and convenience store necessities and accessories.

Orders can be placed with Goulding’s Wholesale Limited and delivered within 24-48 hours. Freshness, quality and excellent service are the values that are most dear to the staff of Goulding’s Wholesale Limited.